Built collaboratively. Owned collectively.

The Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) aims to bring together unique perspectives to create an efficient, scalable and sustainable solution for social audits. Together, we are working to implement the first industry-wide framework to assess social and labor conditions. This framework includes a standard-agnostic tool and verification methodology which collects objective social and labor data that stakeholders can use to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress. One assessment for all, vast amounts of resources saved. Imagine the possibilities.

Why now?

While the current compliance-focused approach has played a significant role improving social and labor conditions over the past two decades, it has also led to a proliferation of audits. Manufacturers, brands and other stakeholders are ready to move away from endless audits to investments which truly make a difference. It is time to think differently together. Change begins here.

Too many factory audits

The industry is spending vast amounts of resources on audits, which are merely duplicative and not necessarily leading to change. To meaningfully improve labor conditions in global supply chains, we must change the way we work. We have much further to go to create sustainable remediation. We collectively believe a Converged Assessment Framework will promote collaboration and free up resources can be redirected to tangible programs for lasting improvements on working conditions.

SLCP Gateway

To access the SLCP tools, e-learning and FAQs please see our Gateway. Here you can create a Gateway account and find information on how to proceed with verifications, verifier training and Verifier Body applications.

The SLCP Story