SLCP History

Since announcing the Social and Labor Convergence Program in October 2015, we have progressed on several fronts. The official launch began with an event in Amsterdam in February 2016. 2016’s focus was on developing the Program, creating an independent, multi-stakeholder governance structure, developing and approving a strategy, engaging with global stakeholders, and engaging with a growing number of signatories.  Since the inception of the Program, we have met our aggressive two-year deliverables and timeline. We are optimistic about the direction of the SLCP as laid out in the 5-Year Strategic Plan.

The Converged Assessment Framework  (data collection tool and verification methodology) was built and tested collectively over the last two years. In August 2018, 97% of signatories voted to ratify the Framework. We are excited to implement the Converged Assessment Framework in Sri Lanka and China. Training sessions in Colombo, Shenzhen and Shanghai have been completed; officially launching the Light Operations on the 8th of November with 200+ facilities and 100+ approved verifiers. For the hosting & sharing of SLCP verified assessments, our partners include ITC (International Trade Center) as the SLCP Central Distribution Gateway with Assent, FFC and SAC acting as Accredited Hosts. For access to SLCP Converged Assessment Framework and supporting materials for implementation, please visit the SLCP Gateway.

The final draft plan strategic plan has been approved by the Steering Committee, was presented during the 2018 General Assembly and subsequently voted on by SLCP signatories. The 5 Year Strategic Plan was approved with a resounding majority which means that work on implementation and roll out of the Converged Assessment Framework at scale can begin, which will unlock resources and work towards our vision of Improved Working Conditions.