What do we want to achieve?

We believe that we can improve working conditions by joining forces: one single assessment for all, more resources and improvements for everyone. That is why we have created a Converged Assessment Framework that supports stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

This program will help the industry to:

  • Eliminate audit fatigue: avoid duplication and reduce the number of social & labor audits, by replacing current proprietary assessment tools
  • Increase the opportunity for greater comparability of social & labor data
  • Redeploy resources to improvement actions

The SLCP Vision & Mission Check of 2018 confirmed the need for one Converged Assessment Framework. Check out the report for detailed figures on the potential reduction in audits and resources unlocked for improvement programs and the opportunity for better collaboration.

Overall goal

The SLCP Story

What is the scope?

SLCP’s Converged Assessment Framework will collect compliance and performance information from production facilities, employ a robust verification process and facilitate the adoption of the framework through data hosting and sharing. This framework will provide a basis for collaborative action by signatories, stakeholders and partners who share the same ultimate goal of improving working conditions worldwide.

By providing reliable comparable data, SLCP will advance the work of a wide range of private and public sector organizations and multi-stakeholder initiatives concerned with remediation and improvement programs, better buying practices, data analysis and transparency, and the management of standards and scoring systems.

The program focuses rigorously on the apparel and footwear sector over the first three years, the launching phase, of the 5 Year Strategy set out for 2019-2023.  Meanwhile, it will assess opportunities to extend into other sectors as and when it has proven to be successful and achieved high level of adoption in apparel and footwear.

What is our aim?

SLCP will help the industry to eliminate audit fatigue by replacing current proprietary assessment tools, increase the opportunity for greater comparability of social & labor data and redeploy resources towards greater impact programs. SLCP enables actors working to improve social and labor conditions, and provides a foundation for other crucial elements like transparency, better buying practices and improvement programs. SLCP will drive collaborative action and stakeholder inclusion.

The SLCP 5 Year Strategy Plan sets out four ambitious goals:

  1. Industry adoption: 25,000 verified assessments per year by 2023
  2. Resources to improve working conditions: annual audit-related resource savings worth up to $134 million by 2023, for redirection into improvement and impact programs
  3. Data access and comparability: SLCP will be the principal source of trusted, comparable and verified social and labor data in the apparel and footwear supply chain
  4. Financial resilience: SLCP will be fully self-sustaining through earned income.
5 Year Strategy

We need your support

A convergence of efforts is the first step towards moving the industry towards sustainable improvements of working conditions. Your organization is a crucial piece of the puzzle. We need your engagement to help push for better working conditions and transparency in the global supply chains. See the Signatory Charter to read about what you commit to when signing up as an SLCP signatory.

Do you support this mission?

Send an email to info@slconvergence.org to sign up with the Social & Labor Convergence Program!