Join one of our events..!

Sedex, one of SLCP’s three Accredited Hosts (AH), is hosting an introductory webinar for all stakeholders. There are two sessions, and no registration is necessary. To join, please click the link of the session you would like to take part in at the starting time of the webinar.

Wednesday 10 July – 10:00-11:00 British Summer Time: Sedex Webinar 1

Wednesday 17 July – 16:00-17:00 British Summer Time: Sedex Webinar 2

2019 has been, and will continue to be, a busy year for SLCP, and the time has come to update you all on the progress we have made so far!

In August we will be holding a webinar to provide an update on the latest SLCP developments including details of 2019 Operations. The webinar will be a great opportunity to learn more about SLCP and catch up on the progress of the program this year. Sign up here!

In mid-September we are launching SLCP in Mexico. Join us for the launch events in Puebla, Mexico City and Guanajuato!

The event is free of charge, and you are welcome to attend more than one event. You can pre-register for a seat at the event, and will be informed once the event schedule is final, and asked to complete your registration then. Pre-register here!

For more information in English, click here!

En septiembre vamos a lanzar SLCP en México, con eventos en Puebla, Ciudad de México y Guanajuato!

El evento es gratuito y puede asistir a más de un evento. Puede pre-registrarse para asegurar su lugar en el evento. Se le informará una vez que el calendario del evento sea definitivo y se le pedirá que complete su registro en ese momento. Pre-registrese aquí!

Para más información en español, clique aquí!