The SLCP seeks to implement a Converged Assessment Framework that supports stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in global supply chains. The vision is that this will drive Collaborative Action and Improved Working Conditions.

The Converged Assessment Framework has been developed by and for the signatories. It includes a data collection tool and verification methodology, with the intent to replace current proprietary tools. Moreover, an operational process for hosting and sharing of the SLCP Verified Assessments has been designed. The Central Distribution Gateway, the Accredited Hosts, Verifier Bodies and Verification Oversight Organization play a crucial role in this.

The Converged Assessment Framework will generate verified agnostic data on social and labor conditions in facilities such as working hours, wages, age, recruitment practices and management systems. SLCP’s trusted and comparable data will also enable an additional layer of value judgements and follow-up actions which are out of scope for SLCP but could be applied by other organizations working to improve social and labor conditions.


The SLCP has launched an ambitious 5-year strategy in which scaled adoption and credibility are the key pillars.