Accredited Hosts

SLCP works with a system of Accredited Hosts. An SLCP assessment can be carried out using any of the Accredited Hosts’ platforms. Once an SLCP assessment has been verified, it is shared from the Accredited Host’s platform to the SLCP Gateway. In their Gateway account, facilities can choose to share their verified assessment data with any of the other Accredited Hosts. This means that no matter which Accredited Host platform is used to complete an SLCP assessment, the verified data can be accessed via any of the Accredited Hosts. Manufacturers, brands and other stakeholders are therefore able to use their preferred Accredited Host to complete an SLCP assessment and/ or to access verified SLCP data.

There are two types of Accredited Hosts: active and passive. See below for a short description and a list of our current AHs. Click here for more information about the difference of active and passive AHs.

Active Accredited Host: Holder of data that is responsible for distribution of verified data to system users such as brands, standard holders, manufacturers who use the Gateway, either to upload or download data for their purpose(s).

Passive Accredited Host: Recipient of data; do not distribute verified data to other system users. Cannot be used as a platform for facilities to perform assessment or verification.

Active Accredited Hosts

Fair Factories Clearinghouse

As a non-profit software development company, the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) provides compliance solutions to individual companies and other well-known global multi-stakeholder organizations.

FFC members consist of some of the world’s most recognized footwear, apparel and outdoor equipment brands and retailers. FFC is helping these industry leaders map verified SLCP facilities to their company supplier codes of conduct, thereby automatically creating corrective action plans for follow up. FFC also provides a complete collaboration environment where brands and retailers sourcing at the same locations can work together on improving factory conditions without increasing anti-trust risks.

For more information please visit the FFC website by clicking the logo.


Sedex is one of the world’s leading organizations for helping companies manage ethical information about their business and their supply chain. Joining Sedex will enable you to share SLCP assessments using our easy to use platform, and will give you access to a wide range of tools, training and solutions to improve your responsible business practices. Over 55,000 businesses use Sedex products around the world in 35 different industry sectors to manage social, ethical and environmental risks in the supply chain.

Sedex is proud to be an Accredited Host, and, together with SLCP, Sedex believes we can make lasting improvements to positively impact working conditions in the supply chain. Sedex Supplier membership costs £100 per facility/site per year. You can find out more here.

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