SLCP uses a multi-stakeholder and inclusive organization and approach. Signatories include manufacturers, retailers and brands, agents and audit firms/service providers, as well as organizations in the public sector, standard holders, civil society organizations and multi-stakeholder organizations with an interest in converging assessments and improving labor and social conditions. SLCP will be accountable to signatories through an annual meeting (annual general assembly). Find a comprehensive list of our signatories by scrolling up to our Signatories section.


At the start of 2019 the SLCP went from being a stakeholder-driven development project, governed by a steering committee, to being an operational implementation program. Following a signatory election process, the SLCP Council was assembled, consisting of an Independent Chair, representatives of 9 different signatory organizations and several independent seats.

The SLCP Council will function as a strategic and future-focused body, and represents and advocates for the diverse views of SLCP signatories and stakeholders.

Pierre Hupperts

Independent Chair

Pierre is partner and Strategy Director of The Terrace and holds chairman positions in various organization. He has experience in both the NGO and corporate sector, and is active in the fields of partnership creation and multi-stakeholder dialogues within the textile and food industries. He also manages co-operation between the Government, companies, NGOs and trade unions with the aim of increasing sustainability of supply chains.

Abishek Bansal

Representative for Manufacturers & Suppliers

Abhishek is Head of Sustainability at Arvind Group and leads various sustainability and innovation projects of the group. He has over ten years of experience within the sustainability consulting domain, and currently devices Arvind’s strategy to reduce the energy, water, carbon & chemical footprint of the organization whilst leading several innovative practices in the apparel industry. Abhishek is also on the Board of ZDHC Foundation and Open Apparel Registry.

Melina Tse

Representative for Manufacturers & Suppliers

Melina Tse is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Esquel Enterprises Limited. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in managing people and products in Esquel, she has established an excellent relationship with major brands and business partners along the supply chain. She plays an important role in the SLCP initiatives.

Nikhil Hirdaramani

Representative for Manufacturers & Suppliers

Nikhil Hirdaramani is the Director of the Hirdaramani Group. He oversees the company’s sustainability strategy, focusing on both social and environmental initiatives. Nikhil also continues to be an avid advocate of sustainability within the wider industry, and has been member of the board of Sedex, and currently of SAC. Nikhil has a BA in International Relations from Tufts University, USA and an MBA from Imperial College UK.

Ninh Trinh

Representative for Brands & Retailers

Ninh is the Regional Director of Responsible Sourcing at Target, managing teams responsible for upholding human rights standards and promoting sustainable environmental practices throughout Target’s supply chain. He has over 20 years of experience in various positions within the retail industry, and is recently active in developing programs to support social compliance and supply chain improvement.

Darren Chastain

Representative for Brands & Retailers

Darren has over 15 years of experience in helping drive Gap Inc.’s sustainability efforts, including deep expertise in assessing and remediating factory working conditions, developing and implementing strategic policies and initiatives, and overseeing social and labor standard data systems and analytic reporting.

Aleix Busquets Gonzalez

Representative for Brands & Retailers

Aleix is the Global Head of External Stakeholder Engagement at C&A. He previously held a 10 year position at Inditex, gaining vast experience in supply chain management in South Asian and South East Asian countries, and was member of the Steering Committee of the Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. Aleix holds a BA in Political Science, International Relations and Economics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the University of Helsinki. Additionally he gained his Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Barcelona.

Darrel Doren

Representative for Audit Firms & Service Providers

Darrell is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at ELEVATE where he helps manage the company’s strategic partnerships with major industry initiatives. Prior to joining ELEVATE, Darrell was the Senior Director of Sustainability at amfori. Darrell has an MBA with focus in Operations Management and Mandarin Chinese.

Tamar Hoek

Representative for Civil Societies

Tamar Hoek is Senior Policy Advisor of Sustainable Fashion at Solidaridad, an international civil society organization. She works with and mediates between textiles, cotton and leather manufacturers, brands and other stakeholders to collectively make the transition towards more sustainable production, with a strong focus on cleaner production and the improvement of working conditions.

Steve Harris

Expert Seat, Technology

Steve is currently CIO at Sedex, and has worked with SLCP since 2017. He has over 30 years of experience in IT within sectors ranging from sustainability and food production to finance and Formula 1 racing. Steve holds an individual Expert role in the SLCP Council, specializing in technology and program delivery.

Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

Representative for MSIs & Standard Holders

Baptiste is the Vice President of Transparency at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. He oversees all European SAC activities and workstreams, and coordinates the collaborative efforts between governments, authorities and organizations. He was a driving force in establishing SLCP, and has previously headed the sustainability department at Decathlon and launched and managed various global and social labor programs around the world.


Janet Mensink

Executive Director

Janet has more than 15 years of experience in Sustainability and Apparel, including consulting for CREM-Amsterdam and working as the International Program Manager for Sustainable Cotton & Textiles of the Solidaridad Network. She has served on several boards and councils, including the Better Cotton Initiative and the Index Development Council for the SAC, and is now responsible for overseeing SLCP operations and strategic directions.


Holly Menezes

Senior Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Manager

With long experience in diplomacy and foreign affairs, Holly is now at the forefront of signatory engagement and communications. She is responsible for out-going information, meetings & events and upholding signatory interests.


Susanne Gebauer

Senior Program Manager

Susanne has more than 10 years of experience in the field of social responsibility – benchmarking programs, creating standards for brands, advising on supply chain program improvements and developing risk and audit tools. At SLCP, Susanne manages the Converged Assessment Framework maintenance and implementation.


Sharon Hesp

Senior Operations Manager

Sharon has over 10 years experience in sustainable economic development in the garment industry and with multi-stakeholder programs. At SLCP she is responsible for the operation and coordination of the Verification Oversight Organization and overseeing quality implementation.


Adam Castle

Senior Technology Manager

Adam has over 13 years experience of being a Head of Tech, Web Services Manager, Team Leader and Developer. He has lead, managed, and developed upon large-scale IT applications for corporate, academic, governmental and NGO organizations in New Zealand, Germany, UK and the Netherlands. At SLCP he mainly oversees the technical operations of the SLCP Gateway.


Secretariat Support Team

Kara Chan

Technical Support

Kara has more than 18 years of experience in conducting social audits, providing CSR training, developing audit protocols, and advising on gender equity in global supply chain.  At SLCP, she is responsible for technical and operational support.


Sophie Hoozemans

Communications Support

Sophie has more than 5 years experience in event management, project coordination and asset administration in several fields, and has a supporting and administrative role at SLCP.


Tonje Ingvoldstad

Communications Support

Tonje manages the administrative tasks of signatory communications, and assists stakeholders and interested parties with information and registration to SLCP.


Jack Zhong

Helpdesk Support

Jack has more than 10 years of experience conducting social audits and developing audit tools; and 3 years of experience running factory operations. He is responsible for Helpdesk support for SLCP operations in roll-out countries in general, with focus on China and Taiwan.


Sahana Kubsad

Helpdesk Support

Sahana has more than 8 years of experience within Business Administration in a variety of industries including CSR, power production and engineering. Managing Help desk communication with both internal and external contacts, including global stakeholders. She is responsible for Helpdesk support for SLCP operations in the roll out countries in general, with a focus on India and Sri Lanka.