We would like to let you know that as of next year, Sedex will not be continuing their role as an SLCP Accredited Host and will no longer offer the Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) on their platform.

In February 2021, SLCP will be launching the CAF v1.4, and implementing this update will require further development work by all SLCP Accredited Hosts. Given the relatively low uptake of SLCP by Sedex members and the ongoing work to develop their platform, Sedex has decided to discontinue their role as an SLCP Accredited Host.

As one of the founding signatories of SLCP, Sedex remains committed to the SLCP vision of improving working conditions through a reduction in duplicative social audits. Sedex will continue to be an engaged and valued signatory to SLCP. The Sedex and SLCP teams will stay in close contact and will look for opportunities for future collaborations that meet the needs of their respective stakeholders.

Sedex and SLCP will ensure a smooth phasing out over the next coming months.  Facilities will be able to start new SLCP assessments on the Sedex platform until Monday 26 October and will have until 31 December to complete the assessment process. If you are a manufacturer or a brand/retailer that has used the Sedex platform to complete or access SLCP verified assessments, please see our Helpdesk to understand how this change will affect you.