The Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) is looking for a (part time) independent Chair for its Council.

SLCP is aiming to have a new independent Chair for the Council in place by the end of the year. We are reaching out to signatories for suggested candidates. Nominations can be submitted via this form by Wednesday 25 March.

About SLCP
The Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to replace the current practice of duplicative social and labor audits with a process of self/joint-assessment by factories combined with robust, independent external verification. The new system will be transparent, effective and cost-efficient, and make a significant contribution to stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

SLCP Council and search for a new Chair
SLCP is governed by a multi-stakeholder Council, led by an independent Chair and its operations are managed by its Executive Director (based out of Amsterdam) with a team of 10 people. At the end of 2020, our current Chair Pierre Hupperts will step down. Having been at the helm of the SLCP initiative since its conception, Pierre has made an enormous contribution to SLCP and the Council would like to take the opportunity for a solid transition period. With this in mind, we are starting the search for his successor now, also to ensure that a thorough and robust recruitment process is followed.

Chair role, mandate and profile
The independent Chair will add to the inclusive and multi-stakeholder vision of the Program and Council as his/her role will be to:

  • Be independent
  • Build trust and facilitate discussions
  • Play a critical role in reconciling differences in opinion and approach and to resolve disputes arising from them
  • Establish and maintain informal and formal contacts with all relevant stakeholders
  • Be a sounding board for the Executive Director (ED)
  • Be available and flexible in time when required by the Program
  • Chair the Council calls/meetings in a way that is inclusive and effective and drives towards consensus
  • During the Council meeting, summarizes the discussion and decisions made
  • Prepare the agenda of the Council calls/meetings to ensure the strategic relevance of the SLCP with the assistance of the ED
  • Guide the Council discussions keeping in mind the Program’s mission & vision and its ambition towards implementation at scale.
  • Chair/member of the Governance Committee

External communication and representation of SLCP would be done predominantly by the Secretariat and elected Council members.  Therefore, while the Chair is an ambassador of the Program, he/she will not be the primary public face.

We are looking for the following profile:

  • Availability to commit to the role, and preferably to a flexible agenda
  • (Relevant industry) Experience in handling multi stakeholder organizations
  • Experience in a Chair position with extensive relationship building skills
  • Knowledge of the apparel/footwear industry, with experience in Sustainability preferred
  • Relevant and broad network, reputation for facilitating solutions and driving positive action
  • Demonstrable experience of showing strong leadership through periods of change
  • Demonstrated strategic and operational leadership
  • Strategic thinker with a strong contextual awareness of the wider environment, including ethical funding, governmental interests, etc.

The independent Chair is appointed by the Council in principle on a longer-term basis, based on a yearly evaluation and renewal.
The Chair has an estimated workload of 2 days per month and will be remunerated for the task.  The chair holds no voting rights in the Council.

Nomination process
The Selection Committee is running a broad, thorough and transparent recruitment process. We are reaching out to our signatory network to nominate candidates. If you have suggestions of people meeting the profile, please let us know by using this nomination form by Wednesday 25 March. For any questions contact Janet Mensink, SLCP Executive Director.