PVH is a brand signatory member of the SLCP. We are one of the largest apparel companies in the world.

PVH is committed to scaling positive impact via industry tools and partnerships. We plan to begin using SLCP in place of our social and labor audit tool starting in October 2018, and will increase our adoption of SLCP as it expands to other countries in April 2019 and beyond. Not only are we committed to using SLCP’s data collection tool to reduce duplication, we are also committed to embedding SLCP into our operations, systems, and data. We see SLCP as a game-changer for the industry, and essential to shifting our role from Auditors to Advisors to support our suppliers as they focus their resources on making sustainable improvements and building the capabilities of their workforce.

Above: Rick Relinger, Senior Director of PVH, speaking during the SLCP General Assembly panel discussion Towards SLCP’s vision of improved working conditions: the role and contribution of all stakeholders

Our embrace and adoption of industry tools reflects the evolution of PVH’s CR program. For the last 25 years, a cornerstone of our CR program was the PVH supplier assessment program. As one of the first companies to adopt standards for suppliers and other business partners, PVH has always been and continues to be a leader in advancing both human rights and overall supplier conduct, as we view our suppliers and the factory workers as an extension of our own associates and a reflection on us. Over the past few years, we have evolved our supplier program in a number of meaningful ways to take our program to the next level and respond to a new wave of pressing issues.

With SLCP, we can shift from an audit-led program (finding problems) to a more value-added one, where we are focused on problem solving and empowering workers and factories to adopt and put into action their own CR programs, processes and systems. Now that the apparel industry has one common assessment tool, the even harder work begins to understand where and how we can jointly remediate and build capability in partnership with our suppliers and other brands. This is a long-term goal upon which we have made significant strides toward achieving and will continue striving for each coming year.