About the SLCP

The Social&Labor Convergence Project aims to create a converged assessment framework that supports stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in the global apparel and footwear supply chain. This will result in a descriptive (standard-agnostic) tool and verification methodology to collect relevant and essential data, which will help to assess social and labour conditions objectively and replace current proprietary tools.

SLCP is a multi-stakeholder project where 170+ signatories, including manufacturers, brands, civil society, standard holders, (inter)governmental organizations and service providers jointly develop a Converged Assessment Framework. It aims to eliminate audit fatigue – eliminate duplications and reduce the number of social & labour audits, by replacing current proprietary assessment tools. This will allow resources that were previously designated for compliance audits, to be redirected towards the improvement of social and labour conditions. It will also increase the opportunity for greater comparability of social & labour data. The SLCP will help the industry to build mutual trust and respect, measure and understand working conditions and improve those conditions over time.

In the past two years, SLCP has progressed from developing the converged assessment framework, into preparing for implementation in the ‘2018 Light Operation’ in Sri Lanka and China in the final quarter this year.


Sedex and SLCP

Sedex is one of the world’s largest organisations for helping companies identify and managing risk in their supply chain. Their online collaborative platform is used by more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains. Sedex enables their members to bring together many kinds of different data, standards and certifications about labour rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics. This helps business make informed business decisions, and drive continuous improvement across their value chains, helping to protect people, the environment and business.

Sedex has been an SLCP signatory since the end of 2015. Since joining the project, Sedex team members have been actively involved in working groups and have been elected to the Steering Committee. Sedex plans for their platform to become a SLCP Accredited Host, enabling verified SLCP data to be shared.


Co-hosted stakeholder session on 24 July 2018

On 24 July, Sedex and SLCP co-hosted an informal stakeholder gathering in London. Around 25 stakeholders participated in a lively discussion and SLCP representative Christian Smith provided a project update on recent progress. This includes increasing the number of signatories (now at 179), recent Steering Committee sign of on the Converged Assessment Framework and the preparations for the go-live in Sri Lanka and China in the final quarter of this year.

SLCP signatories provided an update on the progress made. Caner Soytas from Nike talked the audience through Nike’s support for SLCP’s mission and vision, it’s involvement in the development of the Converged Assessment Framework and Nike’s future adoption plans. Nikhil Hirdaramani from Hirdaramani Ent. highlighted the manufacturer’s benefits of being part of the SLCP.

Dan Murray from Sedex, explained Sedex’s support and commitment to SLCP, “Sedex continues to support the SLCP as signatories and accredited host, as convergence and simplification is what we’re working towards too. The standard-agnostic and non-judgemental principles align with our continuous improvement programme, working towards reducing duplication in the collection of supply chain data. As a signatory, Sedex believes it is supporting an initiative that will create a positive impact in working conditions within the apparel and footwear sector as a result.”