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The Social & Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) launches a public consultation on its assessment framework


AMSTERDAM – 24 October 2017. The Social and & Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) – will launch an online public consultation aimed at gathering inputs from external stakeholders on its assessment framework. The consultation will run from November 6, 2017 to December 4, 2017.

“Over the last two years, important resources have been invested to create a converged assessment framework that supports stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in the global apparel and footwear supply chain. After successfully launching the second prototype of the framework and kicking off the second pilot test, we are now ready for a broader stakeholder consultation that will shape the final version of the publicly available tool before its launched next year” says Janet Mensink, SLCP Project Director. “It is important to always keep in mind that at the end of the supply chain are workers whom we hope will benefit from increased resources dedicated towards improving their lives”.


The Project

The SLCP was launched in February 2016. It is an inclusive and multi-stakeholder project. It aims to create a converged assessment framework that supports stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in the global apparel and footwear supply chain. The common framework will eliminate audit fatigue: avoid duplications and reduce the number of social and labor audits, by replacing current proprietary assessment tools. This will allow resources that were previously designated for compliance audits to be redirected towards the improvement of social and labor conditions. It will also increase the opportunity for greater comparability of social and labor data. The SLCP will help the industry to build mutual trust and respect, measure and understand working conditions and improve those conditions over time.

 The framework includes an assessment tool and a verification methodology and focuses on the collection of performance data in a unified and credible way, allowing sharing and comparing across brands and other organizations. It leaves undefined what the threshold for ‘good’ or ‘bad’ practices are. The tool offers a basis upon which standards holders and companies using codes of conduct will base their insights and results. It will not unify existing standards and codes into one.


Your feedback in this consultation round is appreciated

The project aims to be as inclusive as possible and is actively seeking inputs from stakeholders who have not been as closely involved as its 150+ signatories, the non-signatory stakeholder group or the advisory group.   The stakeholders’ feedback will be collected and will contribute to shaping this industry-wide effective assessment framework.


Stakeholder engagement process

  • Webinars – Stakeholders are invited to join one of two webinars that will present the assessment framework and the process that shaped it. To address our audience in different time zones, these webinars will take place on November 2, 2017 at 10am CEST and 6:00pm CEST. To register, please click this link. Once registered, stakeholders have the opportunity to direct their questions to the SLCP help desk ahead of the scheduled webinars to:
  • Survey – Stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on the tool through an online survey that will run between November 6, 2017 and December 4, 2017. Stakeholders are invited to provide their feedback and input on the three elements of the converged assessment framework:
  1. Social and Labor Convergence Data collection and Verification Tool
  2. Social and Labor Convergence Verification Protocol
  3. Social and Labor Convergence Verifier Guidance.

Participants will access the survey and supporting material directly on the SLCP website.

For any other additional support and/or questions, please contact: