What has been achieved so far?

From the announcement in October 2015, we have progressed on several fronts. The official launch was kicked off with an event in Amsterdam in February 2016. The remainder of 2016 was about, setting up an independent multi-stakeholder governance structure, developing and approving the strategy, engaging with stakeholders and starting the work together with the signatories.

The first version of the data collection tool was being launched by the end of 2016 and given for pilot testing in 43 facilities and review by all signatories early 2017. The feedback is used for improvement of the next iteration of the tool. Simultaneously, a verification methodology has been developed. The second prototype of the assessment framework, which will include verification, will be piloted in Q4 2017. Moreover, the project will organize a public stakeholder consultation on this version. Feedback based will again be integrated in next iterations.

The final version of the tool will be publicly available and will aim to replace the current diversity of assessment tools in 2018. In addition, an ongoing stakeholder engagement and communication process will take place throughout the three-year project timeframe.

Meanwhile we are developing an operational plan to facilitate the adoption of the SLCP assessment framework (tool and verification methodology).

Early 2019 the future vision and strategic plan for continuing support and oversight of the SLCP converged assessment framework will be presented.

Annual Report

We proudly present the progress we’ve made so far by the publishing of the annual report of 2016. If there are any questions or comments in regards to the report, feel free to get in contact with us.

Annual report