Public Consultation on SLCP Converged Assessment Framework

The Social and & Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) has launched its public consultation aimed at gathering inputs from external stakeholders on its assessment framework. The online consultation closed on December 13, 2017 and there was an in-person meeting in on January 29, 2018 in Paris. Find here the high level outcomes.

Please do contact us in case you have additional comments to feed back (

“Over the last two years, important resources have been invested to create a converged assessment framework that supports stakeholders’ efforts to improve working conditions in the global apparel and footwear supply chain. After successfully launching the second prototype of the framework and kicking off the second pilot test, we are now ready for a broader stakeholder consultation that will shape the final version of the publicly available tool before its launched next year” says Janet Mensink, SLCP Project Director. “It is important to always keep in mind that at the end of the supply chain are workers whom we hope will benefit from increased resources dedicated towards improving their lives”.

We are considering feedback received through the public consultation in the current update of the converged assessment framework (proto3).

Thank you!

Public consultation materials

Below please find public consultation materials for reference.

Public Consultation Introduction Webinar, November 2 - Recording available

Public Consultation Introduction Webinar, November 2 - Slide Deck (PDF)

Public Consultation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF)

Public Consultation Survey Questions (PDF)